Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi's poem - translated from hindi

Mother’s hem  Aayu Pankh- Maa Ka Aanchal - 1)

Dirty, poor , splendid , bright
Crumpled or furling wide
Whatever appearance
Makes no difference
She is mother
Her sari’s hem
How I long
To hide in them.

Lullabies lulled in its shade
Words all turned to charms
Warp and woof of life were made
In lap of affections warm
Where form and looks
Are meaningless
Mother’s lap, her sari’s hem
How I long
To sleep in them.

Her eyes become guides
As clouds of doubts gather
A wave of smile does ride
Lips of a happy mother
Tinkling sound the anklets
In the sweet dreams-
A Yashodas’s imagination-
How much I long to turn into bells
And to be, sheer


Remembrance unawares( Yaad Tumhari Aayi no. 2)

Lonely was I whenever
Remembered you unaware
Named ‘Krishna’, the dusky me
Curly locks fondled lovingly
Tonsure, ear-pierce, lessons first
Celebrating rituals with bosomful love
Permeated the courtyard frolics
Quietly like Yamuna’s flow

    Of  kings and queens, cats, monkeys
    Tales of parrot, cuckoo, starling
    Sohar, chaiti, hori melodious
    Sang me lovely lullabies
    Gently stroking me to sleep
    Imparting a part of  her own.

Affection as vessel honeyful
Protection’s sheet impregnable
Effusion of sweet nectar fragrant
On face a smile radiant
Along with a stream of blessings
Flowed like Mandakini.

    Hot rays of summer Sun
    Sweating on the brow
    Amidst piercing winter’s cold
    Sending shivers down everyone
    The shelter of the hem comforting
    Her warmth invigorating.

Whenever disaster, calamities
Threatened life’s flow
Did not lose calmness
Fortitude only grew
Each moment of my life
Ceaselessly inspiring.

    How the days passed
    And how those nights
    Bitter seemed reprimands
    Conversations so sweet
    All my audacities
    To you were endearing.

Childhood haunts the psyche
So does the youth
How errant has been life
How mysterious the turns
Infused every wave and ripple
Of the sea of memory, chequered and supple.


Let Us Return ( Aa Man Laut Chalen no. 3)

To the world of dolls
Let us return
Play games of strings
The cradle of dreams.
Effuse from lisping lips
Sea of love, innocence
Fondness sublime rejoice
Echoes around sweet voice
Love’s precept, life’s essence
Let us hold.
Singing, laughing every moment
Sweet, fragrant merriment
Collyrium eyed, attires pretty
‘Bindi’, adornments all day long
My doll never bare, to the days
Let us return.

Resolute moved as Ganges
Resounded not the sins
Non-existent ego’s commotion
The pure steam flowed on
My guileless doll weeps
To those moments return.

Resolutions get awashed
Vows are Ravan- faced
Search for Dashrath fails
Mirror-images change
Deep in doll’s eye-glasses
Let us all see.

Study again life-alphabets
Voices from inward pure
One tune and meaning one
Changeless every instant
Leave the false horizon
Hastily let us return.

Come of age and broken
Let built homes anew
Colour, warmth, truth affection
Settle all  inhabitants new
Venting our inner pain
Our heart’s door open.

Worldly heart dense, dark
Childhood, resplendent bright
Splendid glorious wonderful
Skyline of toys and dolls
Feathers countless them impart
Across the welkin dart.

To the world of dolls
Let us return my heart.


A Handful of Sand (  Anjuli Bhar Ret- no 6 )

Sand handful, slips
Past the fingers.

Had filled the hand when
Forever had thought will remain
But was drawn a faint line
Somewhere between me and mine.

Within bone-cage did not stay
Against its essence, a moment
The feelings fade away
From relations and perceptions.

Earth’s spirit, a change continuous
If fog here, sun elsewhere
Kith, kin, hearth, riches allure
To creation’s custom oblivious.

That nothing is constant
In the game, was ignorant
Unsteady the kites fly in the blue
By its own string’s tugs break away a few.

When selfishness hums around
Amidst every inhabitation
What happens if some curse
Or others, their lips purse.

Light-strings have insects around
While ambitions feed on slime
Life continuously slipping past
Veins, arteries and time.

The sand handful, slips
Past the fingers.


Some Remained ( Kuchh Rah Gayin no.25)

Life in a picture frame
paths many seen
walked are some
untrod some  remain

Carefully stacked
thoughts many
expressed some
some left unsaid

Seeking solutions
to geometrical forms
drew some
some left undrawn

Upon angle, the lines
square triangle
formed some
some left unjoined

Tottering life
is not a line
that some break
some unbroken remain.


Shavan-1 (Aayu Pankh no.28 )

On branches all
Swinging swings
Sway and swirl
Anklets bright
Sweetly tinkle
Swinging high
Lilting tunes
Blushing beauties
Newly wed
Nymphets pretty
Slumber steal
Reason delude
‘Shravan’ arrives.


Savan -2 ( Aayu Pankh no 29)

Spirit gladsome
Walking blithely
Childlike twinkles
In the eye.
Delicate designs
Hennaed palms
Drops of rain
The radiant face
Searching all over
Intimate friends
Dancing steps
Soul delighted
Jingle, tinkle
Inmost chords
Being attire
Heart adorned
Welcomes all
Bedecked ‘rangoli’
Greenery, freshness
Mirth around
‘Shravan’ appears.

Welcome( Swagatam no. 30)

Anklets tinkle
bangles tingle
skip and spring
the happy doe
and drenching clouds
the hot summer caress

When lightening swift
pierces heaven’s heart
rings a stinging pain,
of a separation
and a remembrance
that fills with joyance

Imagination , a dancer
impatient for its love
the desire wanders
in heaven like a bird
and yearning does fill
every pore with a thrill

When beauty and grace
get definitions new
and lively gait ensnares
desire so numerous,
in the languor of ‘ Shravan’
pangs are so welcome

As rains drizzle,
and trickle
they whisper,
open my dear
let the sari’s border
fall from the shoulder
to dear love embrace.


A short journey ( Chhota Safar no. 38)

Lost in multitude
of my thoughts
in warp and woof
of questions caught.

Scratch, look
may find pain somewhere
search within
might a twitter hear.

Remembrance each
is not a milepost
waves eager , howsoever,
not on shores are lost.

Why pangs of yore
are turned within
not long in the journey
yet the feet get weary ?


Self-chastisement ( Atma Nigraha – no. 40 Aayu Pankh)

                           Flying high, wings spread, thought I
                           Fruits of ‘kalpvriksha’ shall reap
                           These flights, consciousness of action,
                            Strategic struggles against destiny
                            With determination, action, blessings
                            Walk upon Sindhu’s rising waves.
                                     Forget earth below, some who fly high
                                     On ground lies the base, to it get oblivious
                                     On attaining heights, why take pride
                                      My humility, modesty shall pride nullify.


Infinite( Anant no.41)

Freedom, a dream no more
creation the end no more.

Shackles of breath loosen
body’s frames soften
let’s make new betrothal
sing death’s epithalamium.

Beyond horizon shimmer’s sweet night
coursing on the lightening bright
all round a music eternal
qpen wide salvation’s portal.

None can see, we invisible remain
none can peek , be it hell or heaven.


Consciousness ( Aabhaas- no.45 aayu pankh)

                                                 From hanging chandelier
                                                 The candle burns, melts
                                                 To drop, not on earth though
                                                 But, in the bowl below
                                                 Why does one suffer
                                                 Take pains for the other
                                                  Why does one keep
                                                  Tears that others weep.
                                                         Agony of burning
                                                         Melting of wax
                                                         When tears are streaming
                                                          Gathering the drops
                                                          In someone’s existence
                                                          When yielded is the self
                                                           Is felt within
                                                           A consciousness  intense.